WordPress Development

Presently, it is not very hard to gain some basic PHP or web designing skills needed to operate WordPress Development. Indeed, gaining such skills is mandatory in the information age of e-commerce. The challenge however, comes when it becomes important to advance a basic WordPress to develop a thematically customized site geared towards a precise goal. This is particularly so when site becomes an online business platform where specific functionalities and features must be developed to best suit the business. At that point, you need a professional edge of WordPress development, and one who can transform a basic WordPress site to a complex assembly of Codex references.

The Codex has become, in many ways, the bible and core of WordPress, by providing the basic framework upon which a WordPress site can then be customary developed to infinite potential. In the last few years, Overnight Webs has assembled a team of highly skilled and certified professionals who specialize in WordPress development with a creative customized design. From coding to themes, and from plugins to the medication of Codex, Overnight Webs is today a home of the most advanced and customized WordPress development on the web. Mostly based on PHP programming language, the most critical files for a business-focused WordPress site are defined by a complex set of suffixes and prefixes, which can easily be conflicted.

Perhaps more importantly for any WordPress-based business site than any other feature, is the assembly of CSS and JavaScript. As the key components of the WP-admin directory, CSS and JavaScript influence how the styles and scripts of the site are developed. This is often the main area of customization to meet the unique preferences of our clients. During the WordPress development process, it is common for us to incorporate unique third-party scripts in the directory, as a customized packaged of compressed files.

Our WordPress Development Services :

– Custom WordPress Development

– WordPress Plugin Development

– Theme Customization

– PSD to WordPress Theme Conversation

– Responsive Template

– SEO Optimization Solution