Joomla Module

Joomla Extension Directory provides several distinctive extensions among which are Modules, Plugins, and Components, among many others. Modules are without  question, among the most popular Joomla extensions today. Joomla Modules (with the prefix ‘mod’) comprise of lightweight extensions, which can be developed as personalized components to fit a specific site, both in look and in placement. Joomla Module development process thus goes above technical design to incorporate architectural creativity from a user’s perspective. In recent times, defining the visual appeal and functional quality of a user-interface has a significant impact in the online business world. This explains why Joomla’s creative allowance to facilitate custom module development has become a mandatory feature of business-inclined sites.

At Overnight Webs, the focus has been on attaining client-specific goals as the basis of Joomla Module development. During the development process, professionals ensure that the component placing and thematic fluidity with the destined web page, perfectly and customary fits the priorities of the target customer. Ideally, Overnight Webs services in Joomla Module development incorporate customized development of four distinctive files upon which the Joomla module is based.

First, the Overnight Webs professionals develops the main file for any Joomla module, namely the module name, mod_ your module name. The module name presents the starting point of in Joomla Module development, since it helps activate requisite initialization of routines or functions for the module. Importantly, the file links necessary data in the help file with essential routines or functions and must therefore be derived from a sustainable directory structure. Finally, and perhaps most importantly in Joomla Module development, the module name file provides the template page upon which module output is ultimately displayed.

Overnight Webs always ensures that the Joomla Module development is initiated faultless, which provides a solid ground of a fluid module thereafter. The next step of the development process focuses on refining the module name, mod_ your module name.xml. This second file is primarily essential in providing basic information for the module, particularly important in the installation and parameter configuration of the module. Such information includes the module name, module author, module version, module description, data files, as well as configuration parameters (i.e. fields and field profiles). At this point, Overnight Webs has attained formidable reputation of ensuring that all parameters and data file precision is attained with precise customization for the customer.

As mentioned above, the module name file helps link necessary data in the help file with essential routines or functions. As such, the third file in the Joomla Module development process is creating the helper file, helper.php. The help file defines the actual functions and routines of a Joomla module, by sourcing/fetching requisite information from primary databases or any other accessible source and enable the display of the same in the module.

Finally, the forth file in the Joomla Module development process focuses on creating the codes displayed on the screen in any site. This file provides the actual message any visitor sees when they visit a site. The code-based file, named tmpl/default.php, comprises of writing out the codes for display derived from the data generated from the three background files explained above. This file therefore helps generate a screen display in HTML, the output of the customized module.

Above the basic programming and coding skills, developing the four files explained above for installation needs precision in every site. Overnight Webs takes great pride in ensuring that after the entire Joomla Module development is concluded, the module developed is unique and personalized to serve the needs of a specific customer. As one of our repeated customers said, “it appears that the module was developed ‘just for me’”. Without question, receiving such feedback at Overnight Webs means that we have not just developed a Joomla model, but have in the true sense, successively concluded customized Joomla Module development.