Joomla Components

Among the most popular features of Joomla CMS is the capacity to place ‘any’ component ‘anywhere’ on the site. A common phrase often asserts that a site where you can place “components anywhere is a Joomla.” While this statement can mistakenly belittle this versatile and highly potent quality of Joomla, it does highlight nonetheless, one of the most valuable services currently offered by Overnight Webs. Optimizing one of the available Joomla extensions, the development of Joomla components to meet the needs and functional priorities of a site mandates the architectural genius of a professional webmaster.

A client operates an e-commerce platform with a singular goal of selling product X, for instance. When a visitor takes a second to visit the site, they neither have the time to read abstract narratives nor the inclination to initiate positive action for the business. In most cases, the section prompting them to buy, inquire, or order for product X is often insignificantly displayed. By the time the visitor gets to read the action-prompt, they have no inclination or motivation to act.

Creative development of Joomla components can help transform these action prompts into positive actions by all visitors to a site, easily, repetitively, sustainably, and profitably. In between a module, following the captivating paragraph of an article, or at the most attractive corner of the site, you can place a provocative component that triggers an indirect yet convincing motivation to act. In most cases, with skilled, creative, and research-based strategy, Joomla components can be placed on the site in a way that blinds the visitors to act. In such instances, the visitors only realize that they have acted, after taking the action.

Overnight Webs has consolidated a legacy in the development, deployment, and customization of Joomla components unique to a client’s site. To attain this, Overnight Webs first studies the structure, theme, target, traffic, and orientation of the client’s site. This helps define the context in which development of Joomla components must be anchored. When being developed therefore, the component will not only be placed anywhere, but also integrate a customized demeanor to:

  • Optimize the bond between a visitor and a business/agency site with a sales pitch
  • Increase the visual appeal of the site as an attractive graphic
  • Increase readability and flow of a site’s content
  • Convincingly provoke and inspire positive action among visitors
  • Create and sustain an interaction premise with a site’s visitor towards a desired goal
  • Fine-tune the liquidity and speed of script loading of a site
  • Mold site’s content to rhyme and intricately deliver a marketing message

At Overnight Webs, the development of Joomla components denotes much more than simply placing any Joomla component anywhere. The determining when, how, where and why the component is placed is far more crucial than the mere ability of having Joomla components. You need to customize not only the placement, but also the form, appeal and theme of the component.

Two sales representatives can present the same product to relatively the same customer base, with very different results. The one who records greater sales, is not defined by what they are selling and to whom, since they are similar in these aspects, but by how they present the same product to the same customer profiles. Development of Joomla components at Overnight Webs understands this reality, and from it offers a service that will redefine all you know about Joomla components.